Who We Are

Cognitive Global based in Dubai aims to become first choice for Business Digital Solutions. By adopting a customer centric approach, Cognitive Global will base solutions according to the client thereby turning engagements into long term partnerships. Cognitive Global remains focused on its prime objective- to deliver high quality solutions to its clients at optimal costs by adopting the most relevant and advanced technologies through empowering professionals and building trust-based relationships with its clients.

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What We do

Deliver exceptional service of supreme quality, delighted by clients, in testimony of their progress, bound by our unrelenting passion, commitment and drive for excellence. Infrastructure is the backbone of a strong economy.

We focus in aligning infrastructure as an enabling partner in business strategy execution rather than viewing it as a mere commodity gnawing the company's OPEX.


We also have a dedicated customer support team based at our Dubai office. They will always keep you fully updated and are always on hand to answer your questions. We provide unbeatable prices with the highest quality service to all our clients. Through state-of-the-art infrastructure, strong resource pipeline, financial transparency and good governance practices, Our clients will gain the benefits of world class pool of solutions specialists; proven methodologies of solutions delivery and surpassed client expectations.

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