Cybersecurity & Risk

Our Value added Security services include :

  • Network & Application Defence
  • Next generation Firewalls
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Governance, Risk & Compliance
  • Comprehensive Monitoring
  • Breach Response & Forensics
  • Security Operations Center Management

Penetration Testing

At CG, our penetration testing experts apply their real-world knowledge of threats to identify and exploit vulnerabilities that could be used to breach your organization’s security, whether it’s at the hands of a malicious hacker or the result of a negligent employee. We’ll analyze internet-facing systems for weaknesses that could leave sensitive information vulnerable to attack. Our experts will work closely with you to formulate penetration testing based on your organization’s unique security goals. Once penetration testing and analysis is complete, you’ll receive a detailed report on our findings, with actionable recommendations for addressing vulnerabilities.


Securing, protecting, and defending our nation’s cybersecurity data and infrastructure requires a responsive, extensive, and highly trained workforce.

The CG Catalog is the place to start for all people interested in advancing their cybersecurity training current cybersecurity employees looking to build skills, career changers seeking to forge a new path or veterans hoping to retrain for the next phase in life. We offers wide range of cybersecurity-related courses throughout the country, both online and in person from over 125 different providers.

Data Loss Prevention

Data leak prevention (DLP) is a suite of technologies aimed at stemming the loss of sensitive information that occurs in enterprises across the globe. By focusing on the location, classification and monitoring of information at rest, in use and in motion, this solution can go far in helping an enterprise get a handle on what information it has, and in stopping the numerous leaks of information that occur each day. DLP is not a plug-and-play solution. The successful implementation of this technology requires significant preparation and diligent ongoing maintenance. Enterprises seeking to integrate and implement DLP should be prepared for a significant effort that, if done correctly, can greatly reduce risk to the organization. Those implementing the solution must take a strategic approach that addresses risks, impacts and mitigation steps, along with appropriate governance and assurance measures.

Network Security Analysis and Design

Computer networks, regardless of size, are complex. With multiple computers, file servers, routers, firewalls and other networking components, not to mention cloud computing, internet service providers and third party software, it can be difficult for businesses to stay on top of it all. You need an IT consultant who knows technology inside and out.

CG provides comprehensive network analyses to help you better understand your current configuration. Our certified network engineers work with you to provide an inventory of the physical components along with a complete network diagram.

Your business needs your network to run effectively. Our team knows this. That's why when we design or support a network, we make it work. Qualified network engineers that have IT experience, and continually train to enhance their skills, can solve problems for you. And it doesn't end there. Our industry leading approach to designing and supporting networks means you have access to a team of business professionals that not only know networks, but know business and have access to telecom, programming, consulting and training resources that can assist you in a way other "networking" companies cannot.

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